Join the GLOBE Family with Franchising!
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At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we help entrepreneurs successfully establish their businesses by providing franchising services.‍ Experience this unique experience as a franchisee and become a successful business owner!‍

Entrepreneurship is a great opportunity for people to start their own business. However, opening a business comes with many risks and challenges. This is where franchising services come into play. At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we provide franchising services to help entrepreneurs successfully start their businesses.

First, What are Franchising Services?

Franchising is when a company gives its business model, brand and business processes to another person through licensing. Franchisees can open their own businesses with this licensing.

Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro Franchising Services

Inspired by Shakespeare's metaphor that the whole world is a stage, GLOBE Restaurants has been welcoming hundreds of people with world flavors for over 20 years. And we, GLOBE, strive to delight more than 5000 guests every day with our unique atmosphere and quality service.

Wouldn't you like to join the GLOBE family and meet the most delicious dishes of the world cuisine?

If your answer is yes, you can be sure that as a franchising brand, we provide all the necessary support to open your business!

Strong Brand Support

By leveraging the company's brand endorsement, franchisees can benefit from the support of a strong brand when opening their own business. This helps customers learn more about their business and helps the brand's loyal customers to visit their business.

Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro is a brand that offers entrepreneurs all the support and training needed to open their businesses through franchising services.

We provide brand support for your business. We help you promote your franchise business and expand your customer base with our strong brand and marketing activities that our guests recognize and trust.

Chances of Success

Franchisees receive the necessary tools and training to successfully manage their businesses. Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro provides franchisees with all the support needed to open, manage and grow their business. This increases the chances of the business succeeding.

As Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we are a pioneering restaurant brand offering a constantly renewed menu of local flavors and international cuisine at 15 different locations in Antalya, Alanya, Bursa, Diyarbakır, İzmir, Kayseri, Kemer and Manavgat since 2001.

When you want to become a Shakespeare's franchisee, we provide all the training and support you need to open, manage and grow your business. Our expert trainers provide the necessary knowledge and skills.

Your Business Model is Ready

The brand of a successful business is one that customers already recognize and trust. This is an important factor for the success of new businesses. We offer you a ready-made business model. Thus, we reduce the risk factor for you as a new entrepreneur and increase your chances of success.

Marketing Support

We provide brand support for your business. With our strong brand, which our guests recognize and trust, and our advertising, promotional and other marketing activities, we help you promote your franchise and expand your customer base.

Purchasing Power

We provide purchasing support to fanchisees. Thus, you have the opportunity to purchase the goods and services you need at more affordable prices.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support, not just once. We help with franchise growth and development. You can get help from our experts when you face any problem.

At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we stand out not only with our delicious menu, quality service and attentive presentation, but also with the strong support and unique business model we provide to our franchisees.

Experience this unique experience as a franchisee and become a successful business owner!

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