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A classic flavour destination like its name: Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro
This week in our #TBT content section, we would like to share a past interview that is still up to date.

foodinlife.com Our interview below was published in November 2020. Under our #TBT concept, we wanted to bring you this interview, which remains up-to-date, with you again.

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, which closely follows world trends and flavours without losing the originality of its menu, which carries the breeze of Mediterranean cuisine, brings the most unique flavours to its guests by carrying its identity created in Antalya to the international dimension. We listened to Zeki Özen, one of the partners of Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro within Globe Restaurants, about the flavour destination that lives up to its name.

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, which is a part of Globe Restaurants, founded by the partnership of Zeki Özen and Barış Yaşa, who are the lucky people of a beautiful geography like Antalya, has become the favourite of Antalyaites in a short time with its first branch in Migros Shopping Mall, Antalya's first shopping mall, in 2001. Zeki Özen, one of the partners of Shakespeare, explains the first step of this journey of flavour: "We chose the name 'Shakespeare', which is a globalised name for the concept we created inspired by similar concepts that attracted my attention in England during my student years."

Shakespare Coffee & Bistro with its quality at any time of the day

Shakespeare, which took its first international step by opening its 17th branch in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, after its branches in Antalya, Izmir, Bursa, Kayseri and Diyarbakır, maintains its service quality in each city and sets its goal as the happiness of its guests. "For this goal, our menu had to embrace all time zones and masses from different geographies," says Özen about Shakespeare, which wants to host its guests in the best way possible at all hours of the day.

"Without losing the flavour of Mediterranean cuisine..."

Özen says that most of Shakespeare's classical flavours are still among the most demanded products and that Shakespeare has maintained its principles of quality food and service in all its branches since the day they opened, "While creating our menu, where we have not lost the timbre of Mediterranean cuisine from the very beginning, we are aware that food and beverage trends are changing faster than ever in the globalising world order. In order to appeal to the various diets of our guests, we regularly include innovations in our kitchen and menu."

The address of originality with each flavour

Shakespeare, which is aware of the desire for quality nutrition, which is the only constant demand while creating its twice-yearly changing menu, does not compromise on the quality of the ingredients they use and the meticulousness in the production process while preparing options suitable for guests with different dietary choices such as vegan. "Our endeavour to be outside the repetitive businesses in the sector continues at all times. For this reason, products that you will not come across everywhere in our menu or that you will rarely come across are our must-haves." Özen underlines that they maintain their originality with salads made with the "Kale" plant, which has become popular in recent years, salads with tahini sauce, which the world has just discovered, Brisket varieties, Juliet, which is a light and healthy option, or desserts such as Eaton Mess and Othello with its story, as well as artisan breads they produce themselves.

20 years of service and hygiene understanding

For Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, which is an experienced and well-established business that has lived its 20th year in full compliance with the rules of service and hygiene with quality food, a pleasant atmosphere, friendly service and the Safe Tourism Certificate it has received, Zeki Özen said, "We follow the trends in the world by increasing our standards day by day with our happy staff, Our goal is to be a brand of popular venues that always maintains its pioneering identity in the region where it is located and to provide our guests with the Shakespeare experience in a way that meets their expectations every time" and ends his sentence by referring to William Shakespeare's unique play: "As you like it."

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