A Wonderful Sunday Breakfast with your loved ones at Shakespeare!!!
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In this special article for those who wonder where to have Sunday Breakfast in Antalya, we will dive deep into the extensive breakfast menu of Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, one of the best breakfast restaurants in Antalya.

Breakfast, the architect of a colorful day, is most delicious when enjoyed as a family. Well, when you think of a large family breakfast, of course, the legendary Sunday breakfasts come to mind. In this article for those who don't want to sit at home on a beautiful Sunday morning and wonder if we should have breakfast in a nice restaurant, we will talk about the wide variety of breakfasts we offer at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, the favorite of Antalya breakfast places.

Sunday Breakfast in Antalya is at Shakespeare Cofffe&Bistro!

What criteria does the best breakfast meet? Is it that it is in a pleasant environment or that it fills the eyes before the stomach with a variety of options? Or is it that it is delicious? Perhaps the greatest characteristic of the best Sunday breakfast is that it creates moments of love.

At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, where we create an environment suitable for happy moments for you to have a good time with your loved ones, we offer great breakfast options that meet all your criteria! Let's take a look together!

Varieties that Make Everyone Happy!

At Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, we have an atmosphere suitable for large groups and an extensive menu with delicious flavors that appeal to every cut! We do not think that you will leave our restaurant unhappy, where we offer the best flavors we choose from world cuisine in the best way. Why? Here are our reasons:

Great Breakfast Plates

Our restaurant, which you can choose for Sunday breakfast in Antalya, has a flavor suitable for everyone! In addition to the Classic Breakfast Plate, different breakfast types such as Spread Breakfast, Rich Breakfast Plate, Pan Breakfast and Simit Breakfast are waiting for you!

Spread Breakfast for 2 People from Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, One of the Best Breakfast Restaurants in Antalya.

Spread Breakfast:

You can have a hearty breakfast accompanied by pleasant conversations with the Spread Breakfast for 2, which we have specially prepared for the weekends.

Rich Breakfast Platter:

For those who don't like a mixed breakfast, the Rich Breakfast Platter, which is as varied as a mixed breakfast, takes its place on our menu. Boiled eggs, three different types of cheese and olives, butter, honey, jam, walnuts, Nutella, tomatoes, cucumbers, seasonal fruits, pancakes and 2 cups of tea with a rich breakfast in milk at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro!

A delicious suggestion for those who want to have Sunday breakfast in Antalya: Skillet Breakfast

Skillet Breakfast

Tava Breakfast, which we combine with grilled sausage, sautéed potatoes, beef ham, halloumi cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, sourdough eggs on sourdough village bread and a glass of tea for meat lovers who don't like the usual tomato-cucumber-egg trinity, is at our Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro branches!

Amazing Toasts That Make You Eat and Eat

We prepared creative and original toasts for toast lovers who are tired of breakfast on a plate! For those who say that the best Sunday Breakfast is with toast, we have included magnificent toasts that make you eat as much as you eat.

Special for Sunday Breakfast Sandwich and Toast Lovers: Balthasar Smoked Toast

Balthasar Smoked Toast

Named after the characters in Shakespeare's famous plays, Balthasar Smoked Toast is a delicious flavor prepared with smoked beef rib meat, mustard sauce, cheese dip sauce, caramelized onions between sourdough toast slices. The original Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro Flavor that toast lovers cannot find anywhere else!

Shakespeare Toast

Shakespeare Toast with beef ham for those who find cheese and mixed toast boring but don't want a heavy meat flavor like smoked beef ribs on their toast! You will love this toast prepared with beef ham, cheddar and fried egg between sourdough toast bread with tomato paste!

Egg Varieties for Your Taste

Great eggs are the centerpiece of a great Sunday breakfast! Complete your special, delicious and satisfying breakfast table with eggs for every taste! Enjoy Sunday breakfasts at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro with options such as Butcher's Sausage Eggs, Menemen, Eggs with Potato and Cheese, Feta Cheese Omelette, Scrambled Eggs!

The Most Delicious Eggs for Breakfast: Poached Eggs with Mediterranean Sauce

Poached Eggs with Mediterranean Sauce

If you love poached eggs, you will love our Mediterranean Poached Eggs with Mediterranean Sauce, which includes Mediterranean tomato sauce, two poached eggs, feta cheese and toasted sourdough bread!

Poached Egg with Avocado

For avocado lovers, Avocado Poached Eggs with avocado salsa, cheese cream, poached eggs and grated parmesan on toasted sourdough bread may be your new favorite!

French Omelette with Salmon

If you are interested in flavors from the world cuisine and boring breakfasts are not for you, you may become a regular of the French Omelette with Salmon served with cheese omelet roll, smoked salmon with sour cream, rakula salad and sourdough bread!

Fit Breakfast Options

When we said flavors that please everyone, we were really talking about flavors that please everyone. We wanted everyone to have a pleasant breakfast on chirpy Sundays with options such as protein breakfast and fit breakfast plate; we also thought of athletes, dieters and those who adapt to healthy living trends in our breakfast menu.

Protein Breakfast

With Protein Breakfast, which includes whole rye sourdough bread, avocado, eggs, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and garden greens, you can have breakfast without worrying about your calorie intake.

The Basis of Healthy Eating: The Perfect Fit Breakfast to Keep You Fit

Fit Breakfast

With whole rye sourdough bread, egg white omelet, granola, curd cheese salad, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, green and black olives, you can continue to keep fit and enjoy a delicious breakfast!

Right Next to You!

Great flavors that please everyone are at your nearest Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro! We would be happy to welcome you in our branches located in the central locations of Antalya! You can easily reach our branches here, or you can take advantage of our takeaway service by clicking here.

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