Discover New Flavors: Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro's Special Menu
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It's time to get lost in Shakespeare's legendary extensive menu! It's time to discover new flavors! Let's take a brief look at this magical flavor adventure!

Hello dear readers! Today I would like to tell you about Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, one of the most ambitious and enjoyable places in Antalya. What do you say, shall we take a look at the rich menu of Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro?

This unique restaurant has a carefully prepared menu to offer its customers an unforgettable experience. If you are not satisfied with being full, but want to go on a delicious journey and discover new flavors, this is the place for you!

Breakfast Flavors:

Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro offers great options for those who want an energetic start to the day. The breakfast menu includes a variety of omelettes, sandwiches and hot drinks prepared with fresh ingredients. Let's take a brief look at a selection from the breakfast menu!

Spread Breakfast:

The mixed breakfast on Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro's special menu has a rich content with a variety of flavors. A hearty start with a variety of cheeses, olives and jams prepared with fresh ingredients, as well as egg options.

Fit Breakfast

For those who watch their calorie intake or have sustainable healthy eating habits, fit breakfast is a powerful and energizing plate. Enriched with healthy ingredients such as whole rye bread, egg white omelette, cottage cheese and granola, this breakfast is ready to meet your needs and boost your energy.

Light Snacks

There are also various options for those who want to have a light snack at lunchtime or in the evening. These snacks, prepared with carefully selected ingredients, will whet your appetite! Here are a few of these snacks:

Wonderful balls with meat inside, fried in Dutch oil!


Bitterballen, one of the famous flavors of Dutch cuisine, is one of the snacks you can taste at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro. This crispy and crunchy appetizer with a thick and flavorful beef filling is simply amazing!

Garlic Bread

A delicious starter option with aromatic flavors! Spread on slices of fresh bread, the garlic sauce adds a unique flavor and aroma to the bread, and is a great match both on its own and as an accompaniment.

Main Dishes:

If you are looking for a hearty lunch or dinner, you should check out the main courses at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, which stands out with its extensive menu. Served with delicious sauces and side dishes, you will love these dishes!

Tenderloin Delight:

For meat lovers! Offering an uncompromising flavor, grilled tenderloin delight is cooked while preserving the wonderful taste of the meat. A great flavor that melts in the mouth with its soft and slightly juicy inner texture!

Robespierre: a mind-blowing feast of flavor with thinly sliced tenderloin!

Robespierre, which is on the special menu of Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro, is a wonderful dish where thinly sliced meat, like leaves, is blended with special spices and cooked to perfection!

Sweet Getaways

If you want to have a sweet feast after dinner, Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro's dessert menu is just for you. Carefully prepared desserts such as cheesecake, brownie, cake and ice cream are the savior of sweet cravings. They are also a lovely way to end a pleasant meal. Let's take a look at the duo we have chosen for you among the flavors that bring a smile to your face:

Eton Mess:

A cloud-like, light flavor that comes out of the combination of raspberry sauce, hazelnuts, cream and merengue pieces. This dessert, which you can close your eyes and enjoy with pleasure, is a light and viscous plate of happiness that can be consumed especially in summer!

Granola Bowl:

For a healthy breakfast or snack, the granola bowl at Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro is nutritious and delicious! Enriched with ingredients such as oats, nuts, fresh fruits and yogurt, the granola bowl is ideal for an energetic start!

Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro serves flavor lovers with its branches located in different cities. You can reach the branches by clicking here to take you on an unforgettable flavor journey with its unique atmosphere and special menu, or you can have the flavors delivered to your door with online ordering options. Come on, it's time to step into the magical world of Shakespeare!

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