Our Menu Anywhere You Want

Shakespeare Flavours with You in Your Most Special Moments

The experienced touches of our master chefs are with you on your special days.

With over 20 years of Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro experience, we now offer on-site catering service for your special occasions.

We share your most beautiful memories with our professional team and equipment in open buffet invitations, seated regular invitations, cocktail and picnic organisations. You can enjoy menus prepared specially for you with the products of the season and careful presentations for your celebrations, special days, invitations and business organisations.

You can choose all our menu contents or you can enrich your organisation by creating a special menu according to your needs.

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro is here for you to realise your dream organisation with our experience in food and beverage, presentation and guest hospitality. 

The main organisations we offer catering services:

Company organisations, company meetings and company dinners
- Press & influencer events, press conferences
- Weddings, promises and engagement parties
- Private dinners: cocktails, seated dinners, open buffet
- Special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, celebrations
- Baby shower events

Cities where we offer catering services:
For now
, we only offer catering services in Antalya.

To get information about our catering service, you can contact us from our Contact page or you can fill out the form by clicking the button below.

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