What's Happening in Shakespeare?


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We added Syrniki to our menu!
Life is a stage! As Shakespeare Coffe&Bistro, where we bring the world to your feet with delicious flavors and constantly update our menu for you, we now offer a new breakfast option; Russian Breakfast with curd cheese 👉 Syrniki. Syrniki, which originated in Russia and has become a cheerful element of world cuisine, is the sweetest way to start the day! This new flavor you must try is only available at Shakespeare Liman and Shakespeare W Fener branches
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SeaToSky Awards in Tahtali
Starting from the coast and finishing at the summit, this mega-event gives semi-professionals from near and far the opportunity to show off their skills and show off their skills against famous professional enduro riders from all over the world. As Tahtalı Shakespeare branch, we are proud to host the final medal ceremony at the unique summit of Tahtalı Mountain for this extreme and adrenaline-filled event.
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Awareness Project and Donation
As Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, we raised awareness among our guests from all over the world by wearing pink ribbons on the uniforms of our employees to draw attention to breast cancer and to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis during October, the breast cancer awareness month. At the end of the month, we donated the proceeds of all products sold in the "fit options" category on our takeaway site,, to MEMEDER.
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Concert at 2365 Meters in Tahtali
An unforgettable music experience at 2365 meters, hosted by Shakespeare Tahtalı. Hosted by Shakespeare Tahtalı at the summit of Olympos Teleferik in August, the performances of successful local and foreign DJs and producers were exhibited on 2 different stages at an altitude of 2365 meters. The event series, which was the first electronic music event held at this height in Turkey, featured performances by world-renowned DJs Meet 4 Zeus and Space Motion.
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Nachos are on the Shakespeare menu
Nachos, a flavour from Mexico, took its place among Shakespeare's indispensables. Nachos are a Tex-Mex cuisine dish originating from northern Mexico. The dish consists of totopo bread, also known as tortilla chips, covered with cheese or a cheese-based sauce. It is usually served as an appetiser. As a brand that constantly follows world cuisines, we decided to include Nachos in our menu.
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Pasta Support to Runtalya
We are waiting for everyone who wants to experience the spirit of this unforgettable marathon, which is organized regularly every year in Antalya, with Shakespeare's unique tastes! Starting in 2015, our support continues uninterruptedly. We support Runtalya participants by distributing pasta during registration and at various points of the organization. Pasta has an important place in carbohydrate intake in sports nutrition.
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Tikka Masala Shish is Now on the Menu
The delicious harmony of chicken, which has a long marinating process with yoghurt and Indian spices, with turmeric basmati rice, which has a magnificent smell, is in Tikka Masala Skewers! We are excited to constantly update our menu, produce new recipes and present our new recipes to our guests with our unique presentations. We are waiting for you to our nearest branch to try Tikka Masala Skewer, one of the newest products we have added to our menu.