We Care About Your Feedback

Your feedback about your Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro experience is important to us.

We endeavour to establish effective communication through every channel by developing channels through which our guests can communicate directly with us. We provide the necessary infrastructure for our guests to easily convey their suggestions, requests and complaints to us through every channel.

While evaluating every message we receive, we firstly accept that our guests are "right". By investigating each issue deeply and from every aspect, we consider each message as an opportunity to improve ourselves. In addition, in line with our satisfaction policy, we conclude impartially and objectively.

We attach importance to informing our guests again in a complete, timely, clear, accurate and transparent manner through the channel through which they contact us.

We aim to establish a lasting relationship with our guests in order to sustain the guest experience and improve our service quality.

The techniques we use in the process of managing incoming requests and complaints are developed to ensure that the complaints received are not repeated. We accept every message we receive as an external eye and evaluation, learn the areas open to improvement and take them as a basis to increase our efficiency.

You can send us your complaint, suggestion or request by clicking the button below, or you can reach us directly from our contact page or social media accounts.